We have many students who improve in academic performance after joining the SSD workshops. We only upload a few outstanding testimonials here. Those who practice and put in effort to train the brain has better results than those who never practice..


Michael was featured in TV News

After the SSD workshop, Michael is able to think faster and deeper. He won a gold medal.

They crown him as the “King Of The inventors!”

Celestine Yoong is an outstanding pianist. Her parents are very happy with GMA courses.

She won the overall championship in Europe,

Genius Pianist: Celestine Yoong is Touch & Hearing dominant

Amelia can run faster and jump higher after the SSD course. She is a brilliant student.

Academic improvement after the SSD workshop.

He really improves after the SSD.

Michelle achieves No 1 in her class and many 12 other outstanding awards.

Michelle emerges as the top student in class and six other awards in school.

Michelle emerges as the overall top student with 12 outstanding awards.

Michelle joined the SSD workshop in 2008. One year after (2009) the mind awakening, Michelle won seven awards at the end of the Primary 1 academic year. She is the champion in class. Her piano teacher said that student of her age normally learns the piano with one hand first, then the other hand and finally both hands. But Michelle learns the piano with both hands immediately, saving time and cost!

In 2010 (Primary 2), Michelle won more awards in the school . This proves that the mind awakening workshop is very powerful and with constant practice, it is the pathway to genius.

In 2011 (Primary 3) Michelle is the first in class and the top student out of 52 students in Primary 3.

In 2012 (Primary 4) Michelle is the first in class and the top student among her peers. She won other awards such as dancing (champion,) speech (champion,) and choir singing (champion.)

In 2013 (Primary 5) Michelle is the first in class and the top student. She won so many awards and her performance is well ahead of the others at her age.

Bryan is a hyperactive boy. His head got stuck in the chair during the SSD Class.
The trainer has to dislocate the chair to release him from his ordeal.
Few months later, he receives awards for improvements and his spelling improves from 0% – 100%. He is totally Changed after the SSD Course

GENIUS BRAIN: One of our students in Taiwan won the “GOLDEN BRAIN AWARD”. She is the champion out of 500 participants in Taiwan. She competed over IQ, history, science, math and general knowledge under very stressful situation. She is quick and accurate in answering questions being posted to her in a limited time.

She won two gold awards in 2012 5th Asian piano performance and the overall champion at the European musical performance in 2012

GENIUS PIANIST: She joined the SSD course in Seremban, Malaysia. Celestine Yoong won First Prize in the 11th International Competition of Young Musicians “OHRID PEARLS” – “Ohrid Skopie Macedonia and the Best Player Award for the Zografski Award” in the All Categories (All age group) on 21st June 2012.