Scientists discovered that Einstein only used about 10% of his brain power and he was a genius. From the two slides above, you can see the consequences of children and adults having many problems. Most of us do not know that one of the root problems is in the brain and we must awaken the sleeping brain!After awakening the brain, GMA students have done amazing things that most skeptics are unable to accept. You have to be open minded in order to believe what we have seen in some students!GMA students are able to taste an orange about three feet away! Some of them are able to sense something several kilometers away. Some students are able to tell which road is jammed while seated in the father’s car so that they can avoid the traffic jam. We have seen some students who are able to read newspaper in total darkness. Some are able to comprehend a one hundred page book in less than five minutes. Therefore, it is true that most of us are using less than 5% of our brain potential.

Why are we using only a small percentage of our brain function?

Toxic is produced when we are sad, stressed and negative. Unlike animals, all of us cry for several years during our childhood days. We are stressed while going to school, especially during examinations. Parents, teachers, fellow students and our inability to cope with so many challenges creates stress that is very harmful for the brain. All of us face negative emotion such as fear, anger, anxiety and so on. Apart from these, our food, pollution and lifestyle often cause damages to our brain.The Glial cells which are supposed to protect the neurons will clean up the toxic while we are sleeping. Like a vacuum cleaner, the glial cells wipe out some of our memories while taking away the toxic produced during the day time.GMA research team has created several programs that will awaken and unlock the genius within us. The benefits of the programs differs from every individual but some of the basic improvements common to most participants are:-

  1. Improves memory.
  2. Improves concentration.
  3. Improves attention.
  4. Improves creativity.
  5. Improves intuition.
  6. Improves in motor skills.
  7. Pleasant personality.
  8. Improves in calculations.

There are many other benefits such as better sleep, more healthy, happier, and the list continues on!

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