About us



1. Dr David Ting has been involved in children education since 1983. Educated in Singapore and later receives his Doctrate in Business Administration from UBI, Belgium. He has a heart to help children improves in studies and help them solve their problems. He travels extensively to different countries, training teachers and students.

ROLE: He gathers and develops all the information into powerpoint presentations. Dr David puts the different programs into a workable system.

2. Mdm Angeline Lau receives her Masters Degree in Singapore TCA (M.Div.) She teaches children when she was 12 years old. A great teacher and motivator for the younger generation.

ROLE: She sets an example for all the trainers to teach the courses in a professional manner so that all the children will receive the maximum benefit from the workshop.

3. Dr Grace Ting (MD) and Dr Joyce Ting (MD). Both medical doctors have been with GMA for the past several years, observing the students and the classes conducted at different countries. They give the assurance to all parents that there are no side effects in the GMA workshops.

4. Mr Jonathan Ting designs the computer system and provides the technical support and passwords to unlock the computers used by the trainers. Genius Mind Academy uses a unique sound for the workshop to create high rate of success.

5. Mr Francis Chew started his career in the sales and marketing division of an educational supplier for more than 30 years. He gradually developed a strong passion to serve in the preschool  educational industry. In 1990, he was promoted to become the Marketing Director of an expanding educational provider where he advanced his knowledge in setting up schools, conducting teachers’ training, providing multi-media solution and etc. Francis is very well-versed in the foreign education requirement and he also established many business opportunies in the foreign countries by introducing a Franchising Scheme to help potential owners in setting up schools . Mr Francis Chew is now the Managing Director of I-Link Marketing Pte Ltd. Under his managment, the company has expanded it’s business network to Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong and Korea.

6. Mr Reimond Quek has been coordinating professional courses internationally for the past twelve years. He has a wide network of enterpreneus covering a wide spectrum of experts in different fields in several Asean countries. He believes in high standard of performance and quality service to ensure a high rate of success. A very learned person who is very firm and professional in all his endeavors. Whatever he puts his hands on, he ensures a higher class of executive skills with outstanding professionalism.