GMA is founded in 2005 by a group of educationist headed by Dr David Ting with the aim of improving the quality of life for everyone. We have about forty years of experience in education, especially in self-development. Despite all the hardship, we manage to excel in the marketplace in more than ten countries globally. We are a legally registered franchise company licensed by the ministry of trade in Malaysia.

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GMA – Passionate About Maximizing The Use Of The Brain. Genius Mind Academy (“GMA”) is an international organisation doing brain enrichment for children and adults. Through the use of modern technologies and sophisticated brainwave equipment, we constantly make…

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What Is Super Sensory Development? Genius Mind Academy is at the forefront of Super Sensory Development research and learning. Our courses, for both children and adults, are uniquely designed to elevate the students’ sensory perception so that abilities, previously dormant…

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Seeking global partners to expand our unique programmes! Our signature trademarked courses offer one of the best mind-development programmes for the child there is. We are moving across the world from region to region, so that we can fulfill the…

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